Covid-19 Statement

Our office is fully open and we are following recommended protocols. We are no longer requiring masking. If you would like to drop off your information, please leave it in the labelled secure drop box inside the front door at 4 Glengrove. Please ensure that the documents are in an envelope and clearly labelled with your name and the name of your KSK accountant.


For your convenience and to help safeguard both you, your families and our staff, we are providing an on-line document service to which you can securely upload your documents. We are encouraging clients, if possible, to take advantage of this service. If you have another document service you currently use and would prefer to continue using, please invite us to connect to it. We are no longer encouraging the use of email for transmitting personallly identifiable information, however if you choose to do so, please send it in one bulk message as opposed to one slip at a time.